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Boating Thekkady
Natural Scenery Thekkady
Boating at Thekkady
Natural Scenery at Thekkady

This is situated at the border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, with an area of 360 square kilometers. It is a reservoir surrounded by forest area in which several animals are having their natural habitat. The place is a beautiful natural area with the lake and green hills in a calm atmosphere. It is a sanctuary of animals like elephant, wild boars, deers etc. For visiting various near by sites like Mangala Devi Hills, Mullakudi,Thanaikudi,Vellimalai etc; the forestry department arranges jeep facilities to the tourists.The forest area can also be visited by a paid elephant ride. There will be small entrance fee (Rs.10/-) to the Thekkady area. Both facilities are also arranged by Kerala and Tamil Nadu Tourism Departments. Several articles are famous here for purchasing, scent materials of good quality, spices like cardamom, pepper, ginger, tamarind, coffee seeds and tea etc. There are bus facilities to go to Thekkady from Madurai (139 Km), from Cumbum(26 Km) and also Kumuli (Vans and Jeeps are also Plying), Dindigul, Palani,Theni, Trichy etc. There are several lodges near Thekkady apart from alarge number of boarding and lodging houses in Kumuli.

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Suruli Falls - Surulipatti
Kumbakarai Falls - Periyakulam
Suruli Falls
Kumbakarai Falls
  The Kumbakarai Falls is a tourist spot in natural surroundings. It is situated at 9 K.m. from Periyakulam. The water originates in Kodaikanal Hills and flows along the rocks and finally reaches the foot hills. This place is called Kumbakarai. The falls creates a lot of noise along with the nice , soft and beautiful songs of several birds. The travelers come here and take bath in the falls. The water flows throughout the year; but in rainy seasons the flow will be very heavy. Some of the travelers walk along the falls in the ghat road and will reach Kodaikanal. There are town buses available from Periyakulam to the Kumbakarai. The bus fare is Rs.2/- at present. There is no boarding & lodging facilities for the tourist.
Vaigai Dam
Park - Vaigai Dam
Vaigai Dam
Vaigai Dam Park

The Suruli Hills is at a distance of 8 K.m from Cumbum in Theni district.The hill is famous for its herbal springs. The temple for Suruli Velapparhas been built under these environments. The temple is about half Km. inside ghat road. This is a cave temple. Pure water falls from above in this temple.The holy water is said to cure several diseases. The Festivals during the months of Adi Thai and Chitrai are important ones. This hill has been mentioned in the literatures like "Silappadikaram".

The main tourist spot Vaigai dam is constructed across the river of Mullainear Andipatti village, 25 Km away from Theni. The main source of water for irrigation in Madurai district is from Vaigai. The Children park, Zoo etc. are fast developing at the Dam site.



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